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Letter: You’d be a NIMBY, too

I have lived for many years on the block of the proposed Base2 Lodge development for the corner of Main and Monarch streets in Aspen, and it has become quite clear to me that this is the wrong place for this particular project.

There are so many reasons why this development should not go forward that it is hard to know where to begin. Fortunately, many opinion pieces, letters to the editor and printed materials from Base2 opponents have already more than adequately discussed many of these concerns, so it is not necessary for me to go into the building-size issue, the parking issue, the setbacks issue, the guaranteed-affordability issue, the room-size issue, the need issue, the affordable-housing issue, the if-I-don’t-get-this-approved-I’ll-shoot-the-puppy (Carl’s Pharmacy’s a goner!) issue, etc.

What about the “fits in with the neighborhood” issue, though?

One look at the architectural renderings on the YesOnBase2.com website itself is enough to see that this proposed development doesn’t match the rest of the block in terms of size and style. Furthermore, how can this still largely residential block be seen as an acceptable location for a nighttime public gathering place?

At first, I thought that having a small, affordable lodge on the corner, where visitors could lay their heads at night, might not be too intrusive (except for the parking). However, after reading and hearing all of the “lively” and “vibrant” rhetoric, I am concerned that this project will have a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those of us who live nearby and just want to have as much peace and quiet at home as anyone else would expect to have.

So, why here — on this block? I thought the “Aspen’s still not quite cool, lively and busy enough (if you don’t count the Food and Wine Classic, the USA Pro Challenge, the World Cup ski races, the X Games, the concerts downtown and at the gondola, and scores of restaurants, bars and nightclubs)” crowd already got their brewpub and beer garden approved at the old power-plant location.

Finally, I said I wasn’t going to get into the parking issue, but after receiving several mailings from Base2 proponents, I guess I do have a couple of additional questions:

Has anybody even determined if the (after-the-fact) underground-parking proposal is actually technically feasible?

Also, how will this underground-parking option help “fix our downtown parking problem” when it will result in a demand for more spaces, even if it will supposedly satisfy its own need? Let me see: 37 rooms, a restaurant and bar, and there will be 19 parking spaces — hmm.

NIMBY? Yes it is, but here’s the deal: If someone were trying to cram an inappropriate development like this into your backyard, I would certainly support your opposition to it. Please vote “no” on ballot issue 2A.

Rich Pearce