Ann Mitchell: January 18, 1936 — July 20,2014 |

Ann Mitchell: January 18, 1936 — July 20,2014

Ann: Obiturary Photo

The life of Ann Mitchell, beloved long-time Aspen resident, ended on Sunday, July 20, 2014. Ann had no family. Her friends became her family. Her friends have contributed to this obituary.

Ann was born in England, in Thorpe Bay, January 18, 1936.

Thorpe Bay, situated on the Thames Estuary, was directly in the flight path of the Blitzkrieg on London. Ann divided her childhood days between sailing regattas at the Thorpe Bay Yacht Club, and scurrying under the dining room table for shelter from the Nazi bombs. Forged by those terrifying days, she grew into an exceedingly courageous, adventurous and compassionate young woman. Her adventurous spirit spurred her onward to distant horizons, and blessed with a keen mind and high secretarial skills, she found the path to those horizons.

Ann started her business career as Secretary to Aristotle Onassis in Monte Carlo.

Maria Callas’ music studio was above Ann’s office. Ann had the pleasure of hearing Maria’s daily practice of scales and arias. It was an exciting life, but not enough for our Ann. She moved on to New York City and then San Francisco, before ultimately settling in Aspen.

Aspen proved to be the perfect place for Ann to stretch her wings. She became an accomplished equestrian, skier, hiker and bicyclist. Her career path led her first to advertising, then to real estate, followed by Executive Directorship of ACIC , a community nonprofit connected to the Aspen Institute, and finally, as Advertising Director for the program of the Aspen Music Festival and School.

Retirement was not for our Ann. She continued to work as a dedicated volunteer for the Basalt Library, Dr. Laura’s Knitting for Children, and most importantly, as a computer resource for LifeSharers. LifeSharers is a nonprofit national network of organ donors.

Ann’s ultimate act of generosity was her donation of her remains to LifeSharers.

Ann’s friends gathered for a cocktail party celebration of the “Life of Ann Mitchell” on Missouri Heights last Wednesday. As per Ann’s directives, there will be no funeral.

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