Ann Gaskill Worth

Oct. 1, 1926 — Jan. 21, 2017

Annie passed away peacefully in her home by the Roaring Fork. Her two children were with her. Her husband Charles and two children Tom and Caroline preceded her in death. She is survived by two brothers, David and Robert Gaskill, 2 children Christine and Peter, 4 grandchildren, Katie, Jacob, Laura Hadar, Ana Ziady and two great grand children.

Annie was born and raised in Kansa City, Missouri. Majored in Religion and Philosophy at Beloit College because she wanted to learn “what is the meaning of life”, however she became an agnostic and evolutionist as a result of her studies. She visited Aspen in 1948, moved here in 1953, married Charles in 1956 on Castle Creek and Honeymooned at Pierie Lakes. Charlie built their home in 1961 and earlier Charlie started XSki Inn at the bottom of Lift One. Meanwhile Annie became interested in world government. She became intensely involved with health food, league of women voters, planned parenthood and the Sierra club because she loved and wanted to protect the wilderness. She gradually became disillusioned with the results of political efforts. Later she met Pauline Hasty and was impressed with Pauline’s outstanding knowledge and sceptically agreed to study the scriptures with her. Over several years she realized here are satisfying answers to the meaning and purpose of life and to her search for a good world government. Her careful study of the scriptures motivated her to use the later half of her life to enthusiastically converse with many people in the Aspen area about her new found knowledge. Many remember her warm, cheerful and enthusiastic personality.

The memorial, open to the public, will be held Sat. Feb. 11th, 1:00pm at Aspen Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses across Highway 82 from Truscott at 55 Pyramid Road.