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Zuker should drop out

Dear Editor:

I have been living in Aspen for 30 years, and this is only my second letter to your newspaper. I am appalled by the cavalier attitude displayed by Hugh Zuker in his “explanation” of what occurred in the “high-jacking” of Undersheriff DiSalvo’s website.

I can only draw one conclusion. The idea that Mr. Zuker denies any knowledge of this act is ludicrous! His wife is listed as the administrative and technical contact of the website. This speaks volumes to the character of his so-called “campaign.” If not legally wrong, it is morally wrong. Is this the kind of person we would want to lead our sheriff’s office?

Hopefully Mr. Zuker will do the morally right thing and withdraw from the campaign. That will give him more time to monitor his wife’s actions.

Chuck Besanty


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