Youth need place to jam |

Youth need place to jam

A very exciting thing is happening in Carbondale. Youth and adults are getting together to facilitate a space for kids to come create and hear the kind of music they want.

Thanks to the Carbondale Rotary, Battle of the Bands, Carbondale Council for the Arts and Humanities and the Stepstone Center, as well as students from Yampa High School, two nights of music were presented at the CCAH Annex and the response was huge.

Since the close of the Feral Cafe, there has been a hole in entertainment for the all-ages crowd. Additionally, this valley is filled with talented kids. Last year, the Battle of the Bands saw 32 bands competing and there may be more this year. A space like the CCAH Annex can provide a bi-monthly Band-Aid for creative kids, but a permanent space of their own is needed.

Watching both nights of music, I saw kids really take care of each other, enjoy the music and pick up after themselves. I also saw some great music. Stay tuned for more great events.

Anyone who would like to get involved in keeping this energy going, has any money to donate or space, please call Amy at 618-1104. Raw, funky rock ‘n’ roll is alive and well in our youth!

Amy Kimberly