Youth football players thank their sponsors, coaches |

Youth football players thank their sponsors, coaches

I would like to thank all the fifth- and sixth-grade football coaches for helping me learn a new sport! I think they did a great job all season helping and supporting the whole team. Thanks also to the Aspen Elks Lodge for their generous support of our league. I look forward to playing again next year.

Will Pryor

I just wanted to thank the Aspen Elks for their sponsorship and a great football season. I know I had a lot more fun this year than last year because I’m bigger and I understand the game more. Football is my favorite sport and I am glad I get to have the chance to play it. I had a great time. Thanks again to the coaches Dave, Tim, Dereck, and Dillon for this awesome football season. Also, thank you to the Three Rivers Aspen Elks football team.

Nick Leithem

My name is Boden Haber and I am in fourth grade at Aspen Elementary School. This year, I am playing tackle football for the first time and I would like to thank everyone who is helping our team. Thank you to the Aspen Elks Lodge #224, Carol Sams, Blair Elliot and his crew, Keith Bulicz, and all of our coaches: Mike Haisfield, Chris Lanter, Charlie Vresilovic, Tal Aviram, and Coach K.

Thanks for all of the help!

Boden Haber

We want to write to publicly thank the Aspen Elks for again sponsoring our fifth- and sixth-grade football team. We also want to thank the coaches of Aspen 2 – Dominic Lanese, Chris Peshek, Deb. Alcorta, Darrell Zweig, and Cameron MacIntyre for a great job.

Not only did you teach our boys football skills, you instilled in them a great sense of sportsmanship and camaraderie. After every game, win or lose, our boys held their heads high, congratulating their opponents and recognizing their teammates’ strengths. “Good game,” could always be heard on both sides of the bench. Although we might not have had a lot of “dubbyas,” the team showed such marked improvement throughout the fall as well as over last year that in our minds, Aspen 2 definitely had a winning season.

Thanks again to the Aspen Elks, our coaches, Aspen Parks Department, Three Rivers Youth Football League, and especially to Ron Moorehead for making our fifth- and sixth-grade football team not only possible, but successful as well.

Finally, way to go Aspen 2 for executing such a decisive, 28-0 victory over Newcastle on Sunday. Your dedication and hard work finally showed on the scoreboard. How about those conversions too? Three-for-four with one two-pointer to boot. Well done, all!

Tracy and Patrick Murtagh

This football season has been a blast on many levels. A very big thank-you to all the players, coaches, parents and officials. Everyone has made this season very memorable. I’ve enjoyed the enthusiasm that the players bring to every practice and the heart they play with in every game. Thanks to the coaches for all their hard work and fun at practice, and for making the players believe in themselves while teaching the game. Thanks to the parents for entrusting your boys to the coaches as well as for chauffeuring the boys to practice, games, and your continued support.

I would like to thank the exceptional work of Ron Morehead and Coach K, Keith and Blair for having the practice field ready for us to use and especially the Elks Lodge # 224. The Elks Lodge has continued to make youth league football possible in this town, and it is greatly appreciated.

Charlie Vresilovic


My name is Aidan Smagala and I just finished my fifth-grade football season. I would like to thank the Aspen Elks Lodge, all my coaches and Ron Morehead for a great season. Our team finished the season with a huge win and it felt like we won the Super Bowl. I can’t wait for next season. Football is a big part of my life and if you were not our sponsor I probably would not have had the opportunity to play.

Aidan Smagala

Aspen Middle School

The O’Brien family would like to thank all of the sponsors and coaches of the Three Rivers football program. Our son Ben had a great time learning the game and being with his friends. We hope programs like this will continue and help grow our sports in Aspen. Thank you from #64 and his family.

Ben O’Brien

Woody Creek

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