Youth Center comes through

Dear Editor:

My husband and I both have to work. I am fortunate that I only have to work a few days a week in the summer. It was important for us to find a safe environment for our son. When I learned about the Aspen Youth Center, a private nonprofit organization and read their mission – “The Aspen Youth Center is a safe and supportive place for youth to connect, learn and grow” – I thought we should give this a try. We visited the facility and immediately felt at home. There was music playing, kids playing Ping Pong, pool, a table of children playing UNO and a heated game of dodge ball taking place in the gym. It was amazing. I then learned that the admission is free for all youth starting June 1, thanks to an anonymous donor. We signed up immediately.

I want to thank The Aspen Youth Center staff, especially Keith and Hannah for helping make Elliott’s summer so terrific. I also want to thank this very special person(s) for giving such a great donation to such an incredible nonprofit program. Elliott gained a great deal of self confidence this summer and realized he is ready for more independence. The Youth Center was able to help him gain this. For more information, please call 544-4130 or visit

Kristi Hoofnagle