Youth benefit from 1A |

Youth benefit from 1A

Dear Editor:

Did you know that it costs $50,000 or more to commit one youth to a Colorado Division of Youth Correction facility for one year? Of those, 39 percent re-offend within one year of release. All have a criminal history that marks their future.

With an investment in YouthZone of just over $1,000, YouthZone intervenes with youth who are on the road to the juvenile justice system. Up to 92 percent of the kids who participate in YouthZone services do not re-offend within one year.

Local services cost 1 percent of the cost of a correctional facility. Not to mention local services offer a better future for our kids.

When you vote yes on Question 1A, you are making an investment in your youth and your community.

YouthZone is one of several local health and human services organizations that provide Pitkin County with this kind of return on their investment.

Be sure to mail in your ballot before Tuesday, Nov. 7. Vote yes on Question 1A.

Debbie Wilde

executive director, YouthZone

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