You’re welcome in Basalt |

You’re welcome in Basalt

Dear Editor:

Allan, I cannot imagine why you would write such a demeaning letter regarding Basalt (“We’re boycotting Basalt,” Jan. 12, The Aspen Times.)

The wonderful new Basalt Library has had an ongoing problem with the new director, who is obviously overpaid and undernourishing to the patrons of the library. This slight, passing dent on the town’s skin has nothing to do with the multitude of pleasures that Basalt offers – a lively variety of restaurants, galleries, shops and outdoor recreations, including Gold Medal fishing, road-biking trails that stretch across the Roaring Fork Valley, and nearby mountain-biking opportunities with wondrous views of our gorgeous Colorado scenery.

Allan, please look beyond this public attempt to put to rights the library leadership, and come back to Basalt to enjoy this very special Colorado mountain town. We’ll welcome your return.

Ann Mitchell


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