Your vote is needed |

Your vote is needed

Dear Editor:As the ski season comes to an end, winter’s survivors look south and west for sun and fun of a different kind. I know that I am looking to mountain bike in places where sand still rules over mud! Hope all of you leaving have a wonderful time, but the Aspen Fire Protection District needs you to vote YES before you head off. As you probably know, the district is holding a special district bond election to allow us to build a new station at the AABC and remodel our very antiquated Hopkins station. The problem is that we need all of your affirmative votes to get the go-ahead. We are hoping you will vote YES, as the district has been incredibly responsible with your money from the beginning. The first election in 1953 created the district and solicited $30,000 for our first engine! The next election was in 1992 for a total of $1.9 million. With that money we built two substations, purchased five new engines, got the land for free – not bad! We know how inconvenient it is to go the fire station in town to vote. We also know that absentee ballots can be a hassle. But the truth is, if you don’t cast your affirmative vote, and only the negatives among you vote, we all lose! The fire department is really the single best deal this town has, and it really needs this financial boost.Absentee ballots are available from the fire district office on 420 E. Hopkins or can be faxed to you. Call the fire district office at 925-5532 to arrange the fax. They are available through April 21, so don’t be lazy – git ‘er dun!If you are supportive of this initiative, please take the time to vote either on Tuesday, May 2, or by absentee ballot – especially if you are leaving town after the ski season closes. We really need your YES vote!Willard L. ClapperCitizens for Aspen FireBasalt

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