Young strikes a balance |

Young strikes a balance

Dear Editor: I have known John Young and his wife, Linda Vieira, for more than 20 years now. He is a neighbor, a friend and, more important, an excellent candidate for the Board of County Commissioners. He understands that our economy is heavily reliant on tourism. John demonstrated his vision by facilitating the original Aspen Food & Wine Festival when he was town manager of Snowmass Village. This has become an important part of the tourism industry. John understands that the tourist economy and our way of life can go hand in hand. Our core values of environmental protection and sound water and land-use policies are a primary reason our tourists love their time spent here. With his guidance, we can continue to prosper and keep this the special place that it is. I believe that once John Young is elected, we will have a true “partner” in the courthouse who can balance our economy with the things that are critical to our environmental future. Joe RaczakAspen

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