Young authors win in Fraser Creative Writing Contest

Staff report
Fourth graders from L to R are Abby Welgos, Camille Glasgow, Cole Ryan, Jett Clarence. Front row is Kya Bennett and Egan Hinderberger. The adults are Ada Friedman, Jill Sheeley and Mayor Torre.
Jill Sheeley/Courtesy photo

The Fraser Creative Writing Contest is for third- and fourth-graders at Aspen Elementary School. This year’s theme was “water,” and there were 75 submissions. Ada Friedman organizes the contest at the school with help from judges Jill Sheeley and Lynda McCarthy. This year, special guest Aspen Mayor Torre helped give out awards to the students at the annual awards ceremony.

The categories are: certificate winners, honorable mentions, golden honorable mentions, first place in creativity, first place in descriptive writing, first place in word choice, then third place, second place, and first place winners for both 3rd and for 4th graders.

Third Grade

Golden honorable mentions: Skyler Strickland, Evelyn Van Arsdale, Paulina Quintero, Sasha Elisha, Harley Sohn, Kenyon Keleher, and Taylor Adam.

First place in creativity: Kenyon Keleher

First place in descriptive writing: Taylor Adam

First place in word choice: Isla Gilmore

Third place: Colby Kalamaya, Rio Metcalf and Atticus Berg

Second place: Nora Fox and Isla Gilmore

First place: Noah Kessler

Fourth Grade

Golden honorable mentions: Anna Riley, Annabelle Coyle, Scarlett Gleason, Eli Kovacs, Annabella Maupin, Willa O’Doherty and Wesley Lodal

First place in creativity: Annabella Maupin

First place in descriptive writing: Wesley Lodal

First place in word choice: Willa O’Doherty

Third place: Cole Ryan and Kya Rose Bennett

Second place: Camille Glasgow, Egan Hinderberger and Jett Clarence

First place: Abby Welgos


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