You work for us, George |

You work for us, George

Dear Editor:And to George W. Bush: Please do not think you have a mandate for war. You were elected (this time) by slightly more than half of the voters. This means that slightly fewer than half did not vote for you. This means there are many people who do not want you in office. (Some people still have doubts whether you were legitimately elected four years ago.)Why do you want so much to go to war? Or rather, why do you want to send young people to die for you? You claim to be a Christian and you make a big point of it. So why don’t you live up to the Christian principle of doing good to those who hate you?Why do you hate Iraqi people so much that you send them the might of the only superpower in the world? It’s unseemly and not very prudent to strut around as if you have power over other human beings who have as much free will as you do. You could end up looking like the biggest buffoon in the world. “Pride goeth before a fall,” you know.So don’t get a swelled head and think you can do anything you want. We the people of the United States still have rights. You might control the White House and Congress, but you do not control us, the people. You are the people’s servant. You work for us. Remember that, George. And remember what happened some 200-plus years ago to another George who thought he was king of the world. He had to deal with the first American Revolution.LinelleAspen

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