You won’t see Saddam’s Iraq |

You won’t see Saddam’s Iraq

I have to respond to the picture of the lady (Sue Gray) holding the “God Bless Iraq” sign on your front page on the Nov. 10 edition, under the feature “Faces of the Roaring Fork.”‘

First of all, she doesn’t have any enemies in Iraq that she hasn’t met yet. Once their little “peace coalition” gets to Iraq, they will be chaperoned through the streets of Bagdhad, admiring all the pretty trinkets and blankets, eating camel soup and be totally taken in by the daily activities of Iraqi life.

Then they will be taken to a baby food factory and perhaps a hospital to observe the horrors placed upon them by the American government. Then on to an Iraqi cemetery to count the 1.6 million graves caused by American sanctions.

Yes, it will be the perfect vacation! Many pictures will be taken and we will all be rewarded with a slide show when they get home. IF they get home.

What they won’t observe is what the Iraqi government doesn’t want them to see. Such as the place where they execute dissenters. You know, the ones who didn’t pull the “yes” lever for a vote for Saddam.

They also won’t see the sub-basement of the hospital, (see weapons of mass destruction). They won’t see the thousands of Iraqi troops marching through the streets of Bagdhad as they did after the annihilation of the Kuwaiti people.

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Saddam also won’t be too quick to take the “peace coalition” on a little drive up north to visit all his Kurdish friends. “Excuse me, that looks like a mass grave? Stupid American, that is Iraqi landscaping!”

You say the war is all about OIL? You’re damn right it is! What else would it be about? After we get done kicking Saddam’s ass, and remove him and his thugs from power, the Iraqi foreign minister will be calling up and offering crude at $8 a barrel.

Why? Because that’s all they have to export. In other words, they want the American dollar more than we need their oil.

Do you have any idea how many millions of barrels of Iraqi oil was purchased by the USA during the Clinton Administration? Where was the outcry then? Hmm? Where were you “peaceniks” when Ol’ Slick was lobbin’ missiles over there to cover up for his B.J. episodes? Hmm?

How ironic it is for you to enjoy armed body guards during your visit. Why does such a peace loving nation cause you to be so fearful for your life?

Please, show the Iraqi people we don’t hate them. Tell them it’s Saddam we hate! Tell them life in Iraq will be much more meaningful once we dispose of their murderous leader. The atrocities of the Saddam regime is what will be completely obscured from the “peace coalition.”

And when you all return home and set foot on U.S. soil, I hope you’re arrested for collaborating with the enemy. I’ll be the first to send you a card when you’re serving that 12-year sentence. Better yet, I’ll contribute to your one-way ticket if you’ll promise to take Alec Baldwin with you!

Ms. Gray needs to take a long hard look at what America is all about and come to the realization that America has a lot of compassion for the well being of all the world’s peoples. It’s the bad guys we don’t tolerate.

Saddam and Osama. They will all get their just deserve someday and America’s military is just the outfit to do it!

Oh, and Ms. Gray, I dare you to walk out in the middle of an Iraqi street and hold up a sign that says, “God Bless America!”

Dwight Juhl

Glenwood Springs

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