You voted for him |

You voted for him

Dear Editor:The majority of voters in this country voted Bush for a second term. This is a sad day for America.We can expect a lot more beheadings and deaths of our loved ones, for Bush and Cheney’s attack on Iraq. There is still a huge terrorist threat, and no vision of the end of war in sight. It is a sad time for America.We have four more years to persuade the rest of the world to hate us.Halliburton will have carte blanche to go wherever it sees fit to drill for oil and gas, even if it is your back yard, for we know it will never be in their back yard. Been west on I-70 lately? Who knows, they may decide to come for our water some day!When the children of tomorrow cannot hike deep into the forest and experience nature and wildlife as it was meant to be, because of logging roads, oil and gas wells, that is truly a shame! They will never know how beautiful and tranquil parts of this country really were. With emission controls relaxed, we are losing delicate wildlife every day. Is it fair that all these creatures’ lives are sacrificed so we can drive our oversized SUVs, and fuel and heat homes that no one lives in but for a few weeks a year?Women will lose the right to decide whether or not to have an abortion. If birth control were properly taught to the young, whether in school or by parents, many abortions could be avoided. To just tell them not to do it is very naive. What we will have are many more children born out of necessity, not love. Is that really fair to a child who will never know the love of a parent, and possibly be exposed to hatred and abuse? We know this is a very common shame already – why multiply the problem?We are in the biggest deficit this country has ever seen. Does the few-hundred dollars Bush gave us back cover the huge increase in the cost of living we have incurred in the last few years? It does not even cover the increase in the cost of gasoline.I do not even want to go into the fact that Bush is sending all our hard-earned money overseas – money that is very much needed by us to sustain our quality of life.When all of this finally comes to your (Bush voters) realization, damage is irreparable, and you voted for him – I do not want to hear it!Susan DeCillisBasalt

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