You might be a ski bum if … |

You might be a ski bum if …

Dear Editor:

I recently read a post from a ski bum in Mad River Glen entitled, “10 Indicators that you are Mountain Folk.” Being that I could relate to many of them, I decided to make an Aspen/Snowmass version:

10 indicators that you are a ski bum: Aspen/Snowmass version

1. Three digits in your checking account means it’s payday. A comma means you just filed tax returns.

2. You live in long underwear.

3. A nice lunch is J. Macs or Big Wrap. A big night out is Annie’s.

4. You are familiar with the terms “steezy” and “gaper.”

5. You have buddies that vicariously live through you from Denver. They all have nicer gear than you do but only ride a fraction of the days.

6. The majority of foreigners you know are South African.

7. You own an ’80s one-piece.

8. Coors is considered micro brew and legal tender.

9. You own at least one neon accessory.

10. You cringe when getting asked by tourists “where are the groomers here?” on a powder day

You, of course, then make sure to tell the tourists where the groomers are, so that they go nowhere near your fresh pow. Also acceptable for the list: If you have ever said you are “going shopping in Aspen”‘ and you mean the Thrift Shop, or if you know at least one person that lives in their car, you might be a ski bum.

Come to think of it, I have gotten some pretty good finds at the Thrift Shop. And Big Wrap is 100 times better than fast food. I think my next article might be entitled, “I work in Aspen: Insight into the life of the America’s most privileged ski bums.”

Gustav Herold

Snowmass Village

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