You know what spooning leads to … |

You know what spooning leads to …

Dear Editor:Robert Pew’s letter to the editor (“It’s for more than cuddling”) on Feb. 27 made me think of something Zsa Zsa Gabor said in one of those reality shows on VH-1: “Spooning leads to forking.” She and Ponch – the copper form “CHiPs” – were talking pillow talk and she threw that out … I think that’s how it went down on the show. Anywho! I agree with her.Yes, Robert, it would be a near perfect world if all lines, on the mountain, on a powder day, on every run were in tight configuration like lasagna noodles sitting in the box. Or as you called it, “spooning.” But we all know, and Zsa Zsa Gabor so eloquently put it that “spooning leads to forking” quite often in the bedroom with a loved one … or anyone for that matter.So, Robert. I do hope you will forgive me. On the gondola Wednesday morning CP and Watson (mis amigos) informed me that the Wall never opened on Tuesday due to high winds. Knowing this I was quite excited! A short time later the Wall opened and we were fortunate enough to be amongst the first 20 or so to make the hike. Deep! I dropped in towards Headwall. I knew it was going to be epic and did not stop or even so much as scrub an inkling of speed at the roll in. My intentions were good, I read your letter the day before about spooning, I wanted to be a good snow sharer, be a spooner!A bottomless, two-day aged, virgin powder face of Headwall, and all bets were off! Spooning leads to forking, and I just forked up that face of Headwall with seven, maybe eight big-ass GS pow carves. No foreplay or spooning this day, just forkin!I hope you’ll forgive me Robert for not being a good mountain spooner. I do get my spoon on occasionally, but honestly I will be out forking tomorrow and not doing much spooning … if any. You know there is so much snow and why go slow and spoonie when you can go fast and forkin!All in good fun, Robert. Enjoy the epic days to come … mi amigo!John NormanCarbondale

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