You get what you pay for |

You get what you pay for

Dear Editor:My name is Nicki Zugschwerdt and as secretary at Carbondale Middle School for the past 12 years I am writing in support of 3A and 3B.With implementation of standard-based education and grade reporting, I have seen the dedicated and professional teachers at CMS work harder than ever to bring students up to the level of proficiency that the state of Colorado requires.I invite anyone who thinks teachers don’t deserve a pay raise to come visit our school and see our teachers in action. Imagine yourself responsible to raise all students to a proficient level of education when the classroom consists of:1. Several high level students2. Several low level students 3. 45 percent of your students have a primary language of English 4. 55 percent have a primary language of Spanish, some of who speak and understand limited or no English5. Several of your students have behavior problems6. Several need one-on-one assistance to understand concepts 7. The rest fall into the middle, but you can’t let any of them slip through the cracks.You, as their teacher, must meet everyone’s needs. Teachers are teachers because they have a passion for imparting knowledge to young minds, not because of the inadequate salary they receive. As parents we realize that our children are our most precious possession and our most awesome responsibility, and our children should be our first priority when it comes to funding. Communities are responsible for the children, for they are our future community leaders. If we don’t support our children we lose everything. I have included a partial list of defects in the middle school facility, a building built in 1936. 1. Small, narrow halls.2. Rooms without windows, operating windows or adequate ventilation.3. A roof that leaks throughout the building. a. Ceiling tiles in one room have fallen in five times since June of this year.b. A 30-by-30-foot area in the cafeteria has to be roped off during rain due to falling tiles and water on the floor.c. Computers in the computer lab had to be moved away from leaks.d. Almost every room and hallway has water-stained ceiling tiles from leaks.4. Often the smell of sewer gas permeates the building.5. Small classrooms – three normal size classrooms have been divided in half to provide needed classrooms.6. Playground areas only include one swing set with three working swings, one set of parallel bars, two monkey bars, five basketball hoops and a blacktop area.7. The facility is the only middle or high school in the district with no in-school suspension or discipline room to house students sent to the office for discipline issues.8. Electrical system are inadequate to handle updated technology and computer labs.The office has a total of 10 usable electrical outlets for four rooms and is responsible for running four computers, three printers, fire alarm system, bell/intercom system, copy machine, adding machine, fax machine, stapler and fans.Please vote yes on 3A and 3B. In life we all know “you get what you pay for.” Keep in mind the bond issue and mil levy are about the students and their teachers, not about issues with administration.Nicki ZugschwerdtCarbondale

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