You could be next |

You could be next

Dear Editor:

Hello, Aspen! There are people lurking in City Hall who want take your well-earned property value away from you. Yes, they want to pass Ordinance 48, which will put many properties and hundreds more people in jeopardy ” people who might not even be aware of their exposure to governmental theft.

Through proposed “historic preservation” of properties built in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s (Ordinance 48), unwitting owners could lose their values because they would not be allowed to alter, remodel or rebuild their structures. These are properties that have no historic or architectural value whatsoever. The advocates are not talking about miners’ cabins in Ashcroft or Independence.

Hey folks, this is America, not Stalinist Russia. Action has to be taken. To be informed of the potential travesty, log on to You will be amazed at what you read. To top it off, there is a 63 percent property tax about to descend from above.

Though not quite as serious, the situation is a reminder of what Pastor Martin Niemoller wrote of the Nazis in World War II. He said that he did not speak out when they came for people of other religions, because he wasn’t one of them. He didn’t speak out for communists or trade-union members, because he wasn’t one of them. When they came for him, there was no one left to speak out for him.

If we allow the City Council and city government to take its predetermined course, when will it be our turn to be taken advantage of? Let’s not wait to find out.

There will be a City Council meeting Monday evening, Nov. 26, in which the ordinance will be discussed. Are you willing to be involved, or will you prefer to watch Monday Night Football? If the latter, don’t look for help when they come for you.

Ron Harris


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