You contract, we expand |

You contract, we expand

Dear Editor:

On my way to work this morning the headline story in the news is Aspen Valley Hospital’s desire to triple its current size in four or five phases (“Hospital expansion enters the spotlight,” Jan. 13). Next, walking from my car to the office the next newspaper headline is the “Wheeler expansion gaining steam.”

This got me thinking about all of the other planned “expansion” in this area, including airport runway expansion; Pitkin County/city of Aspen office building expansion; highway expansion; bed base expansion (1A development); RFTA expansion; and I am sure someone has Highway 82 or other mass transit expansion planned somewhere out there.

How is it that the entire rest of the world is in recession and somehow this place still seems to be in expansion? As far as I can tell it can only be explained by wanton desire to create useless “world-class” facilities (read, job preservation), blind stupidity, and a delusional belief that we actually have an endless supply of cash stashed somewhere that the rest of the world doesn’t know about.

Steve Marolt


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