You can’t justify the war |

You can’t justify the war

Dear Editor:Re: June 16 letter to the editor, “What you haven’t heard.”If you Google this sentence from Cynthia Bartosh’s letter, “Did you know that 47 countries have re-established their embassies in Iraq?”, you will find that she simply cut and pasted a chain e-mail that has been circulating since mid-2003 claiming all kinds of wonderful developments in Iraq. Unfortunately, most of the claims are untrue and unsubstantiated.Ms. Bartosh did no independent research and provided no source info to verify the claims, yet people will believe these false claims because they are desperate to justify the war.The truth is the Iraqis are much worse off than they were under Saddam, and there are many interviews with Iraqi citizens as well as human rights organizations that say so. It’s a simple matter to find the truth, but Cynthia Bartosh prefers to perpetuate a popular urban myth.Sue GrayCarbondale

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