You can’t go back |

You can’t go back

When is a highway improvement not a highway improvement? When it becomes a symbol, as during an election in Aspen.

I, too, long for 20 years ago, long for the knees I had then, the all-night parties, all the fun and excitement that was Aspen. If voting for the S-curves and the trolley would magically bring my youth back, I would be first in line to sign up.

You can’t go back!

Sorry guys, those days are gone ? long gone, never to be resurrected no matter what we dream. Like it or not, Aspen has changed and will continue to change no matter what us aging refugees from the “real” world want.

The S-curves as a drawbridge, keeping the future forever outside the city limits, simply won’t work. The future will be imposed on us; our only real choice is to anticipate and perhaps guide it.

Hello! It’s a traffic/transit improvement!

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I can’t believe that anyone who can set aside their nostalgia for the past really believes the S-curves as is for the next 20 years is best for Aspen.

Vote for the future, not the past!

Vote for the modified-direct.

Tim Semrau

Aspen City Council

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