You can’t be serious |

You can’t be serious

Editor’s note: This is a response to a letter that ran Sept. 18 in The Aspen Times.

Dear Editor:

I believe it was in the Aspen Daily News that Missen Brucker spewed the nonsense, “Put those bears on birth control.”

Wow! Seriously?

The author, in the first paragraph, states, “this written rant.” Need I say more? Yes! They continue in the third paragraph to “invite us” three times to consider the following: wait for it … wait for it … “birth control for bears.” WTF?! Is this for real or some weird flashback from some windowpane I took in college?

“The practice of controlling the number of offspring in a family … by means of artificial contraception or sterilization.” (Sorry if this idea just made you ‘urp up your morning coffee!) I have no idea if Missen is a he or she, but I think they are “missin'” the point!

This cannot be for real! The author continues about Colorado having one of the finest vet schools in the nation, and teamed up with the Division of Wildlife, “believe these two entities can humanely solve this growing issue.” They state that it would take time, cost money and a great amount of study. “However, would it not be cheaper and more humane than million-

dollar house break-ins, car damage, Dumpster dumping and dog disappearances?”

I thought Mitt Romney was a crazy dude! Here is a better idea, Missen: Spay and neuter humans! Bears have been living in the Rocky Mountains way longer the human settlers. If it were not for the “million-dollar,” 10,000-plus-square-foot homes being built in bear country, things would not be so bad. Yes, climate change affects us all, and bears too. Clearing large swaths of land for some well-to-do multibillionaire to build an oversized second, third or forth home that will see human occupancy six weeks out of the year does not help.

I suggest your idea, but implement it on the human race! Spay and neuter humans! There is no reason someone needs a 10,000- or 18,000-square-foot home as their primary residence, much less a vacation home, at the foot of national forest land, also known as bear country.

I rarely call people out and label them, but your idea is wack, cra, as they say in the hip-hop world!

City and county board members need to put a reasonable limit on vacation homes, period! Excess is the damnation of our country, and as long as it continue, we are damned! I do not care how rich you are, how much you give to charities or what your net worth is! We are the ones needing “control” and discipline! Not bears!

I hope everyone has a fantastic time watching the colors change in our beautiful surroundings, and please when you see a bear in town, walk away and do not stress the poor creatures! After all, we poached their natural surroundings!

John Norman


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