You can participate in building-height talk |

You can participate in building-height talk

Dear Editor:

Do you care about building heights and land uses downtown? The city wants to hear from you! You might recall that the maximum for heights in Aspen’s downtown was recently lowered. City Council is now discussing what kind of land uses are appropriate for downtown buildings and if certain uses should be encouraged or discouraged as part of development.

This is where you come in. Today, two methods for you to provide input on downtown heights and land uses went live. Visit and click on “Open City Hall” to participate in the latest open City Hall forum and an online survey.

These two methods provide a quick, easy and accessible way for you to register your opinion about land uses and heights downtown. We hope you’ll participate and make your voice heard.

Chris Bendon

Director, Community Development, city of Aspen

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Jessica Garrow

Long-range planner, city of Aspen

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