You can count on … |

You can count on …

Dear Editor:What topic would you expect to read on the front page of a November ski resort newspaper? And what do you think is the most talked about subject at parties, on the street, at the post office or dinner table? You got it! Snow … snowboards, snow tickets, snow fronts, snow clothes and the latest snow skis. And in many cases people talk about no snow meaning no tourists meaning no jobs.If you expect to have a thought-provoking conversation with other locals, a population with a lot of education where you might find a bartender with a Ph.D., forget it. The talk is: Will it snow? Let it snow! Powder snow and snow base.Don’t think this kind of chatter goes on forever. It doesn’t! Locals can’t wait for the snow to come, and they can’t wait for it to go. In February, before the brown season starts, you hear, “I’m tired of snow, and I’m out of here.” Snow is big business. It brings fun, exercise, raccoon eyes and rapid sunburn. It also brings avalanches, death, floods and water to people down river. On a chairlift, you are transported to another world never knowing whom you might meet or what virus you could catch.It also brings a kaleidoscopic group of residents. They can be a trust-fund baby, a drug lord, a software designer or a retiree. Or they could have a business in Europe or the Far East or Near East. They can also be an artist, local worker or celebrity. Just like the snow, people come and go. But whether they have skis at the office, at the front door or none at all, you can count on everyone chanting the same mantra, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!”May Chism-BraseltonBasalt

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