You can count on Derek Johnson |

You can count on Derek Johnson

Dear Editor:

Back in 1998 I had the privilege of meeting Derek Johnson and his fiance, Kerri. At the time I co-coordinated all the weddings at the Sardy House, and I helped them plan their big day. Back then, as they are today, they were very happy, special people who felt lucky to have found each other in this great place we call home.

In the years since then I have had the fortune to get to know them as friends and as parents. We have traveled together for hockey, cheered our kids on from the sidelines of the flag football field, and spent days on the hill together. All the while I have known Derek and Kerri to be a great role models for their children and their friends.

I have also worked indirectly with Derek for the past six years and have always admired his professional manner and gregarious personality. This is a combination that would be refreshing to have on our current council.

Derek’s future is here in Aspen. He is raising his family here. You can count on him to make good, sound decisions on council as these decisions will affect the place his children also call home.

I am encouraging all registered voters to be sure to vote on May 5 and vote Derek Johnson for City Council.

Kim Allen