You are not Lance |

You are not Lance

Dear Editor:

This morning I began the 18-minute bike commute from my home in the ABC to my job in downtown Aspen. It’s a good opportunity for me to get some exercise and work the morning kinks out before a day’s work. This morning, however, was the most frightening and frustrating ride along the ABC trail I’ve ever had. There was a group of about 50 riders making their way downvalley on the trail, all decked out in their high-end, expensive bike equipment and fluorescent yellow windbreakers. There was a strong sense of aggressive competition in this group.

Many of them where riding two by two having casual conversations as they bulleted along the trail. They couldn’t have been less interested in the oncoming traffic they where about to have a head-on collision with. I was nearly run off the trail on a number of occasions when a rider taking up the entire second half of the trail was too busy to look up from their conversation to notice I was there. One of them even remarked that I should “calm down” when I began trying to warn them that I was coming. Twice I was nearly involved in a head-on collision when a member of this pack decided they should cut the corner on a blind left hand turn.

So let me just say this to the group of cyclists who carelessly took over the ABC trail this morning: No matter how decked out you are in professional level biking gear, no matter how expensive your bicycle is, YOU ARE NOT LANCE ARMSTRONG. You are NOT participating in the Tour De France. You are NOT riding in a peloton of experienced professional riders. You are riding on a community trail made for joggers and people going for a stroll and families with toddlers on training wheels and people walking their dogs. Think about your surroundings and ride accordingly.

Harper Lieblich


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