Yoga case was a travesty of justice

Dear Editor:

Having vacationed in Aspen for the past 25 years, I returned home last week from my first ever disappointing trip! I am still in shock after witnessing a true travesty of justice in the recent “yoga trial” of Steve Roger.

Not only was there not one single piece of actual evidence presented, the implications of the case for citizens of Aspen is sobering. All that is needed to convict you or one of your family members is a few “victim” statements and a lot of circumstantial evidence! Be wary whose toes you step on!

Here are my humble observations of this trial:

1) The concept of “reasonable doubt” does not seem to be a consideration to a jury of your peers.

2) Actual dates or facts of an alleged crime don’t really matter; “on or about” is adequate to convict.

3) Guilty until proven innocent appears to be the court practice of Judge Fernandez-Ely.

4) Deputy District Attorney Nedlin is willing to do “anything” to secure a conviction (even of his wife).

5) The Aspen Police Department will alter the truth to “protect” anyone they deem an “innocent victim.”

A local contractor confidentially told me the last two were commonly referred to as “Deputy Dick and The Aspen Gestapo.” I now understand why! For the first time in my life I am grateful that I do not reside in Aspen and I pray for all of us and our shrinking freedoms if this becomes the practice throughout this once liberty-loving country.

Wake up, Aspen, and smell the rose before someone falsely accuses you and “the police” come knocking on your door.

Morgan Langan

Helena, Mont.


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