Yet another satisfied customer |

Yet another satisfied customer

Dear Editor:

Sadly, The Aspen Times, since 1881, has become a sparse Aspen news wrapper, tacoing a hodgepodge of I-70 corridor news and ads, with national and world news bracketing the awkwardly-placed classifieds in the middle of the paper. Last Thursday page two and three featured articles from their “Vail correspondent,” about Vail? The half-page letters section at the end is almost an after-thought, which an unknowing peruser might miss as he shuffles through a lot of non-Aspen filler and maybe runs out of gas in the far-reaching classifieds, before getting to the lean local color on the last two pages.

Although everyone understands how newspapers are clawing the escarpment to survive, a successful company such as the Colorado Mountain News Media, The Times’ corporate owner, should give back more individualism to The Aspen Times, bring back a staff photographer and spring for more than two reporters. Seemingly gone are the local investigative reporting, human interest, adventure and varied Aspen coverage – though the Aspen Times Weekly magazine tries nobly to cover these deficits.

A few blocks away, the Aspen Daily News, since 1978, still has the fin-de-siecle-style masthead that The Times dropped a few years ago and replaced with a plain CMNM one-size-fits-all font. More often the Daily News scoops and out-snoops The Times, catching a local story closer to when it happens, and then following through on subsequent days. Also, the Daily News reads front to back with a more Aspen-friendly flow. They cover more major and offbeat local stories, before segueing into the letters and columns in a more generous and accessible mid-front location, while putting local classifieds at the end.

When it comes time to digitalize the remaining physical news print as historical record in Aspen, the Aspen Daily News, with its local coverage, will be the paper of record.

Tim Cooney


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