Yes vote means higher taxes |

Yes vote means higher taxes

It was not too long ago that letters to the editor poured in regarding the doubling of annual taxes due on property occupied by locals.

Even after this doubling of annual property taxes, our government is again asking to increase our tax by way of replacing a portion of the local home rule charter.

On Aug. 13, Pitkin County voters have an opportunity to vote on a change to the home rule charter. The ballot question seeks to replace our charter’s “Limitations on Tax Levy” section with a provision designed for statewide applicability. The ballot question fails to disclose that a yes vote to change the home rule charter effectively results in a property tax increase.

If you do not wish to pay more property taxes, and you don’t support replacing portions of our well-thought-out home rule charter with generic statewide provisions, then vote no on Referendum 1A. Early voting is under way now and runs through Friday, Aug. 9, at the Courthouse Annex.

Bert Myrin


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