Yes to RFTA |

Yes to RFTA

Dear Editor:

As you consider your voting options this fall, consider this:

In the Roaring Fork Valley we no longer belong to only one community. We live in one, work in another, support the schools and libraries in another, shop in another, and recreate in all. Our lives are complex and mobile.

RFTA serves our needs by providing convenient, timely, necessary, appropriate, friendly, safe, comfortable, efficient and inexpensive service.

RFTA provides a trail system that links Aspen to Glenwood Springs for both recreational and commuter use.

By using hybrid technology, by providing for 400,000 transit riders each year, RFTA keeps cars off the roads, protects air quality, and uses less fuel. RFTA is good for the environment.

In order to make the improvements necessary for RFTA to move forward for all of us, we need your vote.

Do what is right for RFTA, right for our communities, right for the environment.

Vote yes for RFTA. Vote yes on 4A.

Dorothea Farris


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