Yes to club, no to spray |

Yes to club, no to spray

Dear Editor:

I want to be sure it is understood how important the Aspen Club is to this community.

My profession is international dance/theatre and writing. Five decades of dance and movement training has taught me lots about the human body. Two-and-a-half years of my three-continent teaching career was as a yoga instructor at the University of New England’s medical school. My job included lecturing in the graduate medical school there.

The Aspen Club has, for two decades that I know, provided advanced mind-body training and healing – not just for athletes and physical therapy, but most important, for saving lives.

The club offers advanced Kundalini practice as well as cancer recovery. Most medical institutions like our hospital do not yet provide services beyond allopathic medicine. Someone very near and dear to me is still walking after a stroke and severe lymphoma (rapid-spread cancer.) I have the Aspen Club to thank.

If the two council members opposed to the expansion, Steve and Mick, are not satisfied with the recent mass reduction just accepted by the planning department, then what size reduction would you accept?

My second issue is that chemical substances like the one proposed to “solve” the bear/fruit tree problem cause lymphoma. We know it also kills bees. So this is not a solution. We’re smarter than that.

Please work to find a solution for the Aspen Club and do not use that deadly chemical on our flowering trees.

Sarah Pletts