Yes to Burlingame, again |

Yes to Burlingame, again

Dear Editor:I am greatly disappointed by the tactics and approach of Aspen’s Burlingame opponents. They are using technical, “shotgun” arguments of all kinds in talking about process and details, when their real goal is simple: Bury the whole Burlingame project. This is an affordable housing plan that was directed by local voters back in 2000, and in good faith the city of Aspen has been following that direction in a deliberate, thoughtful way. Why do we have opponents working so hard to come up with side arguments that they claim are not “anti-Burlingame”, but so clearly are designed to kill the whole project?We have heard words like “ghetto” and “those people” in reference to the Burlingame plan. Well, let’s not forget that “those people” are the teachers in our local schools. They are people who run and work in local restaurants, shops and government offices. “Those people” are employees of every income level who make Aspen work. “Those people” spend money in our shops and businesses, and they are people who run the Aspen Skiing Co. and numerous local businesses. True, they are people who cannot afford the free-market homes in Aspen, but they are important to our community, and they should be welcome to buy and live in Aspen. Why do the opponents of Burlingame want “those people” to be forced farther and farther downvalley to live? The alternative to Burlingame is not permanent open space for the property. The owner has the right to develop the property according to Pitkin County codes. The alternative is as many as 30 huge, free-market homes – and far less land preserved for open space and ranch land!It is the hope and dream of so many Aspen locals to have their own homes and a good place to live for their families. Let’s not tell them they are not welcome here. Let’s give them a chance and let’s say yes – again – to proceed on Burlingame. Please vote “yes” on May 3 for the Bar/X Ranch annexation.Warren KlugAspen

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