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‘Yes’ on library is the smart choice

Dear Editor:

Imagine yourself at the Pitkin County Library:

• Enjoying spectacular Aspen views while catching up on the latest fiction and periodicals in the quiet-reading room.

• Basking in the sun on the outdoor reading deck.

• Having the option of a little shade* while watching a performance on plaza or accessing wireless Internet.

• Attending concerts, theater and otherwise connecting with your Aspen community beyond library hours in the community meeting room. And a kitchen means great refreshments!

• Having a venue for your community event (the beautiful community meeting room, again), which opens onto the plaza.

• Knowing your children are happy, safe and secure in the large, sunlit children’s room**.

• Using your own private office or study by appointment.

• Not losing one-third of all fiction titles for more space in order to become Americans With Disabilities Act-compliant.

• Paying very little for all this and more (taxed only $1.70 year per $100,000 property value).

• Opponents of library improvement refuse to correct numerous inaccuracies***.

• The expansion area belongs to the library. The city asked it to hold up on expansion for more than a decade in order to coincide with extensive city parking garage repairs now set to begin.

• In the meantime, permitted private development has blocked beautiful Aspen views from the library.

• Library expansion at same time as parking-garage repairs equals significant savings and better construction

• 97 percent of plaza green untouched.

* Small canopy area equal to one parking space. Canopy much lower than surrounding buildings and integrates with plaza.

** Current children’s room used by many adults for entry to library and small children have gotten out onto Mill Street.

*** See Aspen Times editorial from Oct. 25.

Is our library “adequate”? Sure, but voting “yes” would bring tremendous value to our Aspen community at a very small cost.

Please vote “yes” for our wonderful library!

Barbara Foran


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