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Yes on Base Village

Dear Editor:Why vote yes for Base Village? It is very simple. Snowmass is a destination resort whose most important amenity is our ski mountain. That is the primary attraction for the vast majority of visitors, residents, and second-home owners.The mountain needs a substantial investment of dollars to modernize the lift system and create amenities necessary to remain attractive and skier friendly within today’s highly competitive ski resort industry.Lift ticket and ski lesson revenues alone cannot possibly justify or support the required investment. It requires an additional revenue source, i.e. revenues from real estate sales, commercial leases and hotel room rentals. The amount of real estate development necessary to support the committed amenities to our mountain and ski experience has been agreed upon by the council and the developer following four years of study, community review and negotiations. The best part of all of this is that we receive the amenities irrespective of the ultimate level of success of the real estate development. It is a no-lose proposition for all of us who will enjoy a substantially improved mountain experience.Vote Yes on Base Village because it makes sense.Dale RandsSnowmass Village