Yes on 1A, no on 4A |

Yes on 1A, no on 4A

Dear Editor:

Midvalley voters have two issues to decide on their ballot. Referendum 1A will allow individual property owners to borrow money to make energy improvements to their homes. They will pay back the loan by increasing their own property taxes. Only those who borrow the money will have an increase in taxes. No one else will. Referendum 1A is an easy yes decision.

Referendum 4A is an increase in everyone’s (including renters, who will experience a pass-through rent increase) property tax to fund a planning process for developing the Crown Mountain Recreation Center. It might seem small, but it is just a beginning. Once the plan is complete, then a large tax increase will be requested to implement the plan. With all the recreation opportunities already available, this tax increase should be voted down.

Gerry Terwilliger


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