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‘Yes’ for reasonable change

Dear Editor:I recently read Jeff Tippet’s guest editorial in The Aspen Times (Dec. 29), and was struck by his odd conclusion that residents who “hope to someday see reasonable and responsible development at the base must vote ‘no.'” I wonder under what circumstances he would see his version happening someday. That’s a lot of hope! Does he believe that the Aspen Skiing Co. will come back again with a smaller proposal (which it has already eliminated as an alternative)? Or that the Crowns will sell the ski area to another owner who will somehow propose a smaller development based on the CRG’s unique qualifications to decide the size and profitability levels? Or maybe, this organization, Citizens for Responsible Growth, should be renamed Citizens for No Change. Mr. Tippet’s agenda seems to me to be no change, because the approved proposal is the only one on the table and there are no others waiting on the shelf.Now, I’m not knocking Mr. Tippet, because I empathize with his concern that change brings difficulties, that some things may be lost as others are added, and that there is always an element of risk. However, the change has already happened. Time has passed, and the old Snowmass that charmed you so much is gone and won’t come back. The Snowmass we have today is the Snowmass that doesn’t work, and needs to be reworked now – starting this spring. The risks of our stagnation are far worse than the fear-of-change scenarios we hear from Mr. Tippet. There are community controls applicable to future growth, but there are none to avert the downward slide.So here are the realistic voting alternatives. If you want no change, leading to further decay, vote “no.” If you want responsible, reasonable change, vote “yes” – because this is the most reasonable you’re gonna get. If you like the approved proposal, vote “yes.” If you want bigger change (like I do), vote “yes” – because this is the biggest you’re gonna get. If you’re sitting on the fence, vote “yes” – because you’ll love the skiing access when this is done.Weems WestfeldtAspen

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