Yearning for the old days |

Yearning for the old days

Dear Editor:

The following is a response, in the form of a letter, to the article about President Obama written by Gary Hubbell and published Feb. 28.

Dear Mr. Hubbell, I recently received your message about Barack Obama as a forward from an acquaintance. I too yearn for the simpler times we used to enjoy, times when we could own slaves, women couldn’t vote, and the industrial revolution was destroying our environment and our society, totally unchecked by pesky government regulations. The liberal policies of equal rights and work toward social justice have made it increasingly difficult for hard working, patriarchal white families to live in luxury on the backs of the poor without regard for the infirm and “disabled.” These days, coddled youth live out their days in awful, under-funded public schools, never learning the valuable lessons taught by 16-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week factory labor.

While the times we both yearn for were long before we were born, and we have absolutely no idea of the truly appalling scope of injustice in those days, we can rest assured in our infinite, old-white-guy knowledge that things were better then, when white men like us made all the laws, owned all of the property and businesses, and lived high on the hill, undisturbed by the plight suffered by those under our greedy, tyrannical rule.

Only we know the true promise of America – a bastion of hope where greedy white men can hack, shoot, lie to and enslave each other, and everyone in their way – in the pursuit of personal wealth and power. Unfortunately for guys like us, time goes FORWARD and civilizations continue to make PROGRESS.

Let’s take America back together, and repeal every liberal law that tries to check our immeasurable, God-given greed and blood lust! If only we had been born earlier, and not died of all of the diseases that ravaged the country then. Or died as children in factory accidents. Or been black. Or women. Or poor. Or disabled.

Those would have surely been the days!

Ty Martin


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