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W’s fingerprint

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:(Re: Sara Rimer, “Tracing the path of Bush’s ‘nomadic’ years,” news article, Sept. 23.)For most people, character is destiny – unless one has attained “born-again” status, like George W. Bush. The problem with this solution is that neither Mr. Bush, nor his God, have been able to keep this ingrained pattern of avoiding responsibility from leaving its unmistakable fingerprint on all he has touched.The laundry list has become so familiar that people don’t want to hear it anymore: his ability to dodge responsibility for failures not only in his National Guard service, but also in his shady business dealings, his arrest history, his rationale for war and in other policies of his administration that have gone awry.But now that this flawed pattern has found its way into the Oval Office and is being scrutinized under the magnifying lens of history, it can no longer be shrugged off as simple insouciance on the part of an incorrigible college prankster.Joel BrenceAspen