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Wrong spot for housing

I was very disappointed that our council would like to take open space bought with taxpayer money and build housing on it (City Council Meeting on Sept. 8).

It is not appropriate, especially in the instance of the Puppy Smith property where the trade-off is so poor. Only three dwellings can be built there, at what amounts to great cost to all of us in ways greater than financial, i.e., the loss of a parcel of land that should be part of the greater scheme of our outdoor amenities.

ACES, the Jenny Adair Wetlands Park (to be constructed in a year or so) and the entrance to the Rio Grande Trail could all be greatly enhanced by leaving this as open space, or possibly constructing some terrific entry/visitors facility there.

Why did you and I come here? Why do tourists? Second-home owners? I bet it has something to do with the appeal of outdoor natural beauty, recreation, the arts, parks and other amenities.

That is exactly why we give tax dollars to BUY open space. This is simply the WRONG place to build affordable housing. This will come to a vote in November (legally necessary to build on city open space) and we voters need to give our City Council another strong message that their action here is NOT appropriate.

It is not OK to turn our open space into another construction project … whether affordable or not.

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When the vote comes, SAY NO!

Donna Fisher