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Wrong person for the job?

Dear Editor: The Re-elect Mayor Klanderud Committee ad in the Tuesday, March 22 Aspen Daily News, headlined “The person for the job,” has prompted me to write this letter.I supported Helen when she ran for her first term as mayor. I thought she could do the job. I now question whether she is the person for the job, as her ad professes. Over the past four years, she has ignored Robert’s Rules of Order and dismissed members of the public who tried to speak for issues she does not support.She limits their time saying, “You only have three minutes,” and allows developers and their paid professional entourage, along with members of the staff, to go on for one or two hours. This sometimes happens at two or three council meetings, where they repeat the same information under the guise of having made changes to their development plans.Is she the person for the job when we the public wish to present our view? Not only does Helen allow only three minutes per speaker, but she interrupts during those three minutes to remind the presenter that, “You only have two minutes left,” then, “Only one minute left.” This not only breaks the continuity of the individual’s presentation, but minimizes the issue. It’s the chairman’s prerogative to control the meeting, but this is an abuse of the public hearing process.Perhaps if Mayor Klanderud and council would allow equal time for both sides of issues, we would not find initiatives and referendums necessary. Her latest tactic to not allow the vox populi is her exit from chambers when she does not want an individual to continue to speak. Does she have the right to edit the public hearings? Is this the person for the job ?Janice CollinsAspen

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