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Wrong people laid off

After reading in your paper about the layoffs of some employees by the Basalt Town Council, I was thoroughly disgusted. I personally believe they laid off the wrong people.

I have lived in Basalt as a taxpayer since November of 1925, served several years as the town clerk, and my husband served nine years on the council when the council was on 2nd Street. I have served 16 years on the council, 10 years on the library board and on several other boards.

I was on the board when Jerry Pace was employed. I believe I am well aware of good employees and otherwise. I found Jerry Pace to be friendly and polite to all the council members and popular with the town’s people.

He worked many long hours in the interest of the town. He was the town’s popular Public Service Director for 16 years. Why was he laid off? No one ever complained about his work.

I had never met Nick Alcorta, but read many, many nice articles about his recreation department. I’m sure he will be greatly missed. I have never met Paulette Durica and know nothing about her personally.

I wonder if Basalt will ever be the same? I understand that the board was forced to make some tough decisions due to reduced revenue. But I still think the wrong people were laid off.

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