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Wrong in so many ways

Dear Editor:I think your editorial (“Music Associates of Aspen should contribute to trail,” June 27) was one of the worst and wrongheaded diatribes in memory.It is wrong in so many ways. First of all you are out of place making this appeal so many years after the fact. If government wanted the MAA to help pay for such a trail it should have been a condition of approval for their campus (built in 1965). Secondly, if you’re going to use this yardstick, then every development that generates foot traffic should pay for its trail.Thirdly, the Aspen Country Day School will use the trail many more days than the MAA does – not a peep about them contributing to the trail. Fourthly, there aren’t even any shoulders on the Castle Creek Road, and I emphasize that you are correct that it is dangerous – it’s a miracle that no one has been hurt or killed on it. Finally, that trail has been talked about since 1965, and if the city/county had had the fortitude to take on the one difficult landowner in court, the trail could have been built at a fraction of today’s cost.Want more? The Aspen Music Festival is the foundation of our summer economy. Everything is tied to it, even smaller arts groups. The MAA took a leadership role in creating two of our largest seasonal employee housing complexes, and put a lot of money into them. That housing benefits the whole community more than nine months a year. The MAA contributes many, many free concerts and recitals open to everybody each summer. They have outreach programs in our schools year-round. They put on a winter concert series. I think you’re out of line trying to put the finger on the MAA for more money. They are the proverbial “goose that lays golden eggs.” Your editorial just plain sounds small-minded and greedy.Jon BuschAspen

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