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Wrong address leads to ‘scare’ about Snowmass Village post office downsizing

David Krause
Snowmass Sun
Snowmass Village post office will be remodeled in the coming years as part of a Snowmass Center redevelopment.
Anna Stonehouse/Snowmass Sun

There is an irony, or at least a number of jokes, in an error by the U.S. Postal Service concerning Snowmass Village.

As part of a redevelopment plan for the Snowmass Center, the USPS was asked what kind of space it needed for the future. Officials said 900 square feet was fine.

They were looking at the wrong address.

The request was for the Snowmass Village facility, which is currently 3,000 square feet and hosts more than 2,000 P.O. boxes. However, the USPS numbers and ensuing conversations with the developer (and a phone interview with a reporter) referenced the Old Snowmass office, which is about 13 miles away on Highway 82 near Snowmass Creek Road.

“We made a mistake in the location. We were citing Snowmass, not Snowmass Village,” USPS spokesman David Rupert said Thursday after the Snowmass Sun article came out about a potential downsizing. “We apologize for the scare we created in Snowmass Village. It was our mistake. We remain committed to providing quality service to Snowmass and Snowmass Village.”

So not to fret, Snowmass Village, the post office will come out on the other side the same size or bigger, Rupert said.

Much ado about nothing after all, and the USPS has adjusted its numbers with the developer.

“We can accommodate virtually anything,” said Jordan Sarick, who is the principal of Eastwood Snowmass Investors, which is spearheading the redevelopment. “We never assumed anything.”