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Writing perverse, insulting

Dear Editor:Your writers (some) are a perfect example of civilization growing uglier and meaner. Both papers, being reps of the left, spew the hypocrisy of the left with its meaningless mantras of tolerance, sophistication and enlightenment, ideals of which in actuality are rarely (never) observed. Instead what is evident is bigotry, hatred, corruption of any principle, ever. Your columnists excel in all manner of perversity, insult, lies, any and all things/thoughts malicious. Thoughts, sadly excused, even celebrated, apparently by the silence of any protest by the editorial boards, or the Aspen community. In publishing over and over this pure idiotic trash, you verify the suspected loss of any integrity, and just plain (used to be) common civility in the media and society. Apparently these are regarded as old-fashioned and useless commodities to your down-and-dirty style of insulting, useless ravings/mindless rants.To the idiot perpetrators: You are not the Cream of the Crop, but Turdish sots, all Scum and Rot. Are you trolls in disguise, hiding behind the much-abused “free speech” protections? Actually, to anyone with a functioning brain, free speech means freedom to speak, not freedom to offend by spewing anything your twisted, soiled little selves can pollute the air with. You amazingly feel no shame in airing your crass, vile perversity that you call writing.One other observation, you poisonous little vipers live in the accepting bosom of Aspen, once a respected enclave of class and intellectual brilliance. Today in Aspen, O.J. and you are warmly received. The president, however, would most certainly not be treated as well. This phenomenon must explain the lowness of quality of the ADN and ATD.As the editors continue to allow such trash writing to be published, perhaps it is better to relay complaints (if any?) to the real powers that be, the owners of these trashy rags.Francilynn SingletonRedstone

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