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Writer should look at his own party

Dear Editor:

Mr. Hairston’s condemnation of “elite Democrats” living in hypocrisy is as ludicrous as his non-factual assertions (letters, Aug. 12, 2011, The Aspen Times). Proclaiming that the rich comprise the largest percentage of supporters of Obama are Democrats goes totally counterintuitive to the fact that the Democrats are at loggerheads with the Republicans by arguing that the rich should pay more in taxes. We haven’t heard that type of argument coming from the Koch brothers!

Moreover, if 60 percent of these so-called elite Democrats voted for Obama (don’t know where this stat comes from), could it be that the Republican agenda for cutting spending, extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich and protecting hedge-fund managers and tax loopholes, which collectively shrink the economy and thereby employment opportunities that endanger America’s future, was simply unpalatable?

Also, why are the rich “elite Democrats” more in favor of spending on education, infrastructure and preserving social safety-nets and Social Security rather than continuing tax breaks for the rich than Republicans?

Finally, if Mr. Hairston – whom we assume is a Republican from Dallas and doesn’t believe in global warming where the temperature in his town has broken all records for heat and duration – objects to $35,000-a-plate fundraising dinners, he should take a closer look at the Republican fundraising approach, along with the Republican-dominated Supreme Court’s Citizen v. United decision. If that doesn’t load the deck in favor of money that has no moral allegiance but to its earnings per share, then it is hopeless to try and convince such people of his assertions otherwise.

And, by the way, most of my good friends in the Hamptons happen to be Republicans.

Barry Peters

Snowmass Village

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