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Writer on Writer

Dear Editor:

I think Aspen is the best place in the world. I think our uniqueness and our greatness stems from our individual pursuit of our own portion of the Aspen Idea – Mind, Body and Spirit.

I moved here in 1971, graduated from Aspen High in 1976 and returned after CU to live here forever. Our three kids were born here. As a local I love that Aspen’s the best and I am blown away by the incredible range of lifestyle and professional opportunities we enjoy because of it. But as great as we have been, as great as we are, I think our best days are ahead of us.

I am: a community advocate for kids, young adults, retirees and long-timers; businessman, real estate developer and broker; president of SPARC ($7.5mm Capital Campaign for Aspen Recreation Center), environmentalist – seeking ways to make environmentalism more successful through the integration with business, director in renewable energy company aspiring to global integrated energy and infrastructural solutions; experience in Pitco transferable development rights, Colorado water rights, and I have been involved with construction from small condo remodels to building the Hyatt Grand Aspen its affordable housing.

I revel in looking for solutions that are based on shared values between two (or 20!) apparently irreconcilable sides; and think the best solutions are those that evolve with participation, consideration, attention to detail and good facilitation. The first idea is almost never the best idea – but it gets the conversation started and from there great things can happen.

I believe in an open and fair process and think that the government should set the standard in following that process.

It’s time to shake things up, the old politics of class division and finger pointing is hurting Aspen.

Scott Writer