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Write in Kathleen Curry

Dear Editor:

I am a registered Democrat, and I have always been a Democrat, except for a few months in 1988, when I changed parties to vote for a Republican candidate running for county commissioner.

I did not become a Democrat because my parents were (one was and one was not) nor because of my spouse (he is not) and not even because it was a cool thing to do. Most of my friends in high school thought that I was a dork for even being a registered voter! I am a Democrat because the philosophical basis of the party is most in line with my personal beliefs. I do not ever anticipating not being a Democrat.

However, being affiliated with a party does not stop me from being an independent thinker and educating myself on issues and candidates prior to casting my vote each election. I believe that it is our duty as Americans to listen, learn and ask questions of those wanting to serve us as elected officials and to make our choices based on facts, not on an us-against-them mentality. As an educated voter and in my position as a Gunnison County commissioner, I can honestly tell you that supporting Kathleen Curry in her re-election race as an Independent write-in candidate is the choice that is best for all of District 61.

Kathleen has represented us in a way that far exceeds any other state elected official in my memory. Whether you live in the town of Pitkin or Pitkin County, you can count on Kathleen knowing the issues of your community and fighting to ensure that you are heard. Her vast knowledge of water, agriculture, higher education, property rights and the state budget are unmatched. Representatives from all over the state seek her out for advice with tough issues. And talking about tough, one of the toughest decisions Kathleen made for us was to drop party politics and to become unaffiliated. She did this to ensure that the polarization that has taken hold at the state and national levels did not get in the way of her making the best decisions for the citizens that she represents.

As a local elected official, I need to have a state representative that knows my community, listens to our needs and is tough enough to tackle the hard issues for us. There isn’t a person on the ballot for House District 61 that has the experience, qualifications, passion and strength to represent this vast district. So please join me in filling in the box next to “write-in” and writing in Kathleen Curry as our continued representative.

Paula Swenson