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Write in Curry in District 61

Dear Editor:

Kathleen Curry, our Colorado House Representative for District 61 and a Gunnison rancher, has experience and balance despite what the attack ads state.

Curry is a water expert. She understands agriculture and its importance to the state. She has a good grasp of property rights issues, understands the need to balance the state budget, and knows the importance of higher education.

Curry is known and respected for her knowledge and ability to listen to all her constituents. She will draw reasonable Republicans and Democrats to the center as she is interested in solving problems, not playing politics. Curry will not “split the vote.” Rather she will receive votes from both parties from individuals wanting to avoid partisan politics.

You won’t see Curry’s name on the ballot, but you’ll see State Representative District 61. A Republican will be listed and a Democrat. Underneath there will be a blank line and a box. WRITE IN “KATHLEEN CURRY” (or something close) and FILL IN THE BOX. The box has to be filled in for the optical scanner to read.

Kathleen Curry is knowledgeable and experienced. Re-elect Kathleen Curry, an independent voice for Colorado.

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