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Worth the wait

Nate Peterson
Aspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN ” What a difference a week makes. There’s nothing like snow, glorious snow, to make this place feel normal again.

Maybe all those locals doing bizarre snow dances around bonfires and a town’s collective wishful thinking finally curried favor with Ullr the God of Snow. Maybe it was Friday morning’s confirmation that America’s Downhill is finally coming back home after a hiatus of 12 years.

Whatever it was, who cares!? All that really matters is winter is finally here. Not calendar winter, just the one that makes this place run.

The first real powder day of the season will do that. So too will streets lined with snow-frosted trees and warm bars packed with joyous locals relishing the offerings from the skies.

When the switch for the snow goes on, it’s like a switch goes on in all of those who call this place home. We’re reminded why we came here in the first place and, more importantly, why we stay.

There’s nothing like that first big dump of the season to remind you that Aspen is, and always has been, the greatest ski town ever created.

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So lap it up, locals. The tourists aren’t here in force yet, so all that white stuff out there is yours for the taking.

And while you’re out there, remember not to take all that beautiful snow for granted.

We certainly don’t want to fall out of Ullr’s good graces.

Snowmass received 20 inches at tree line during Saturday’s storm, while Aspen Mountain received 16 inches. The snow allowed mountain personnel to open Back of Bell I, Red’s, all of Dipsy Headwall, all of Pumphouse, Summit, Percy’s, Lazy Boy, Seiberts, Northstar and Lower Copper on Aspen Mountain.

Crews also expect to open new terrain around Sunrise and Sunset on Aspen’s Mountain’s Bell Mountain Sunday.

At Snowmass, Moonshine, Promenade, Fast Draw and Ute Chute all opened Saturday, as well as the Sam’s Knob chair. The Burn will open today with Sneaky’s and Mick’s Gully at the very least … and possibly some runs in the center. The Burn Chair will also begin operation Sunday.

Crews are still working hard to get top to bottom skiing open on Aspen Mountain.

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